Policy of adding Chinese Character

Chinese characters exist in traditional form, simplified form and variant form(s). Registering a .香港 Chinese domain name will result in having a package of domain names containing its selected form, its full traditional form, its full simplified form and in the form(s) with its preferred character variants. This package arrangement is to minimize confusion to the public and to avoid different forms of the same Chinese domain name being held by different people.

To generate the different forms of a Chinese domain name, HKIRC uses a Chinese Character Variant Table(“Table”). The first version of this Table contains 19,557 characters and was developed by the Chinese Domain Name Consortium (CDNC), an organization in charge of the coordination and formulation of technical standards, policies and guidelines for Chinese domain names on a global scale. It is a common practice that the characters not contained in the table will not be made available for domain name registration.

Making a Chinese character available for Chinese domain name registration requires the addition of that character to the Chinese Character Variant Table. Before a character can be added to the Table, its traditional, simplified and all variant form(s) must first be identified. This identification and review process should be performed by experts on the Chinese language and characters.

Public can let us know of any Chinese characters that are not available for .香港 domain name registration due to their absence from our Chinese Character Variant Table. HKIRC will collect these inputs in batches and work with experts periodically. Depending on the number of characters in a particular batch, the process to study and add these characters to the Table will take some time and typically no less than 6 months. Whenever there are new Chinese characters available, we will first inform the public by posting relevant notices on HKIRC website prior to making them available for registration. We will also inform those who are willing to leave his/her email addresses when informing us of the missing characters.