The Trusted .hk Registrar Program (the “Program”) is an accreditation program provided by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (“HKIRC”) to its accredited registrars in Hong Kong (the “Registrars”). This is an initiative to encourage the achievement of security standard by Registrars to uphold confidence of .hk users. Upon verification by independent experts appointed by HKIRC that a Registrar has met the prescribed criteria, the Registrar will be awarded the relevant certification under the Program. However, HKIRC does not guarantee, warrant or endorse the products or services of the Registrars or the security standard of the Registrars. Further, given the rapid changes in the industry, HKIRC cannot (and does not) warrant that the certification will at all times reflect the most current state of the services or security standard of the Registrars.

In conducting the Program, including issuing certification, HKIRC is not undertaking to render professional or other services for and on behalf of any person or entity. HKIRC does not assume any duty to the public for issuing certification to any Registrar. Anyone using the services of a Registrar who has been certified should rely on his or her own independent judgment or, as appropriate, seek the advice of a competent professional in determining the exercise of reasonable care in given circumstances.

HKIRC shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, claim, or otherwise whether an action in contract or tort and shall further not be liable for any lost profits, or direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages of any kind resulting from the Program or the acts or omissions of any Registrar who has been certified by HKIRC.

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