Code of Practice for Registrars and Resellers

The Code of Practice for Registrars and Resellers (the “Code of Practice”) has been adopted by the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited ("HKIRC") and forms part of the Registrar Agreement. The Registrar shall ensure that any Reseller associated with the Registrar has read and accepted this Code of Practice.

The purpose of this Code of Practice is to promote and protect the interests of the domain name registration industry, Registrars and Resellers (“Suppliers”) and Customers and Registrants, and is intended to support and promote competition in the industry. This Code of Practice intends to encourage best practices in the industry by :

i) establishing minimum standards for dealings between Suppliers and Customers and Registrants;

ii) preventing practices that undermine the reputation of the industry and the interests of Customers and Registrants;

iii) establishing basic principles in relation to Complaint Handling by Suppliers; and

iv) regulating advertising activities of Suppliers and their provision of information relating to domain name registration and related services to more