Service Level Targets

1.  Service Level Target

1.1 Service Provisions

We aim at meeting the below service targets

Service Target of availability
DNS Availability

(excluding inaccurate response to queries)
HKIRC Website Availability

1.2 DNS Service Restoration Time

The Mean-Time-To-Restore for DNS Service is within 1 working hour*** after the problem is found

*** This excludes the problems that are outside the scope of control of HKIRC.

1.3 Customer Accessibility

Service Hotline

The service hotline +852 2319 2303 is on a round-the-clock basis.

We aim to answer every enquiry calls within 6 rings*.


Our email addresses are: (for customer enquiry, complaint, feedback or emergency technical assistance), (registrar billing issue), (marketing issue), (for registrar accreditation Issue and registrar enquiry). (for membership issue) and (for the report of phishing, spamvertising and other malicious act on the Internet using .hk domain name).


The fax number is +852 2319 2626


Unit 2002-2005, 20/F FWD Financial Centre, 308 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

We aim to respond to customers’ enquiries within one working day**

* This indicator is not applicable during periods of volume upsurge in enquiry. For instance, during a special promotion or product launch etc.
** This indicator is not applicable if customers cannot be reached by us.

1.4 Responding to Complaint

We pledge to handle formal complaints as soon as possible. We will ensure handling any complaint without prejudice. We aim at resolving a complaint within 10 working days**** after receiving it. If more time is required for investigation, we will let the complainant know the expected time by which a response will be given.

**** Not applicable when the customer cannot be contacted by us, or upon repeated complaints or changing of request.

2.  Continuous Service Improvement

We strive to have continuous improvement on service. Customers are welcome to send feedback to us at any time via email, fax, mail or by calling our hotline. All feedback received will be studied to help further customer satisfaction.